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ES Music celebrates one year today!¬†ūüéāūüćĺ
We want to thank everyone who made this possible, from friends and family all the way to our dear customers.

Thank you
Dyess,¬†Sparzanza,¬†Sony Music Sweden,¬†Battering Ram,¬†Primal Instinct,Westside Rockfarm,¬†Studiefr√§mjandet Musik √Ėrebro/V√§rmland,¬†Dirty Nights Rock Club,¬†Hell Yeah Rock Club,¬†Firefight,¬†MINS,¬†Children of the S√ľn,¬†Bureau Translations,¬†Cate Rox,¬†Gisselfeldt Reklam & It,¬†Beebyte,Sungen,¬†Lost Outrider,¬†Eyes Wide Open,¬†David Kroon,¬†RTF MEYER,Rivj√§rn,¬†Hate Creation,¬†The Dead And Living,¬†Nyf√∂retagarCentrum Karlstad